Expert Coaching

Industry professionals with nearly 20 years in the business. Coaches that have been through it themselves using this experience to help drive students towards their specific goals. Dedicated and passionate coaches to help any experience level, click to read more!

Train 6 Days/Week

Our training schedule covers a huge variety of training time options to cater to our members. We have classes in the early morning, day, and evening's.

Top Training Facilities

Upright and full size MMA cage, Boxing Ring, dedicated grappling mat space, dedicated striking mat space, dedicated weights and lifting floor with full free-weight options. Come and check it out!

About Us

Advance Martial Arts is Brisbane's premier martial arts academy specialising in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Body Strength & Conditioning. We offer a wide range of training in practical martial arts for men, women and children of all experience and fitness levels.



RIZE MMA - Acceleration Program

Wanting to get into MMA and haven't tried it out yet? Interested in getting in the ring, but you've not trained before? Read more about the Advance Martial Arts MMA program here.

Latest News and Updates

Apr 12
Carlos Machado BJJ Seminar – 28 April 2018

Carlos Machado BJJ Seminar –…

We have Carlos Machado in the gym on Saturday 28th April for a BJJ gi seminar. Starts at 12pm and…

Apr 12
BJJ Belt Promotions – 2018 Q1 Grading

BJJ Belt Promotions – 2018…

We had a heap of BJJ belt promotions at our latest grading: BROWN belt: Joe PURPLE belt: Jordan, Marcus and…

Dec 10
Brown, Purple & Blue Belt Promotions

Brown, Purple & Blue Belt…

A number of AMA students were promoted to new belts at our last 2017 BJJ grading for the year. Quentin…

Dec 10
Black Belt Promotions – Scott Whitfield & Quentin Taylor

Black Belt Promotions – Scott…

On 18 November 2017, long term AMA students Quentin and Scott were promoted to black belt! Two well deserving guys…

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