Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BJJ Fundamentals - Tailored to suit everyone; from a complete novice looking to begin their BJJ journey through to experienced members looking for a refresher.

BJJ Open - Available to anyone who has attended at least one grading and covers a syllabus of techniques applicable to all belt ranks.

BJJ No-Gi - Swap the Gi for a rash-guard to participate in our 'tailored for the street/MMA' No-Gi syllabus.


Available to all experience levels with practice centred on fundamental MMA striking techniques and strategies.


Limberness is a superpower basically anyone can achieve and is a key advantage when practicing BJJ. Our Yoga class is here to help you on your way with a program specifically tailored to BJJ. The practice is a great way to improve core strength, joint mobility and overall flexibility, and will also complement the Striking, Takedowns and Wrestling sessions, as well as everyday life in general.

Kids & Juniors

BJJ is an excellent way to promote confidence and teach valuable lessons in respect and self-control to people of all ages, particularly children.