Advance Boxing classes cater for everyone, whether you are interested in the fun and fitness benefits of a boxing workout, or are training for competition bouts. All experience levels are welcome! At Advance Boxing, we pride ourselves on being a technical and skill-focused club, emphasizing the “sweet science” aspects of the sport. Please drop by and see if Advance Boxing is the club for you. We guarantee safe, fun training, and a welcoming and friendly club environment.

For the class you will need comfortable clothes, appropriate footwear, water bottle, hand wraps and bag gloves. If you intend to do contact work, please bring a mouth guard and big gloves (12oz – 16oz). All sparring is done with headgear, 16oz gloves, and is strictly supervised by Australian Sports Commission accredited coaches.

Boxing sessions will involve shadow boxing, footwork drills, defensive drills, counter-punching drills, ring craft, task sparring, pad work and skipping catered to your experience. As you progress in competence and confidence, we customize drills and pad work for you. No two boxers are the same! Thus, we aim to match boxing styles to your personality and physique, and believe we have the experience and knowledge to do so.

Advance Boxing is a registered club with Boxing QLD, which is the only amateur boxing association in Australia recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Our coaches have fight experience and are ASC1 certified.

1/13 Lucinda Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia | +61 7 3217 4319 |