Strength and Conditioning

This class is specifically orientated towards strength and conditioning for fighting both on your feet and on the ground.

The Forge gym setup at Advance Martial Arts boasts a full free-weight environment with all the barbells and plates Crom could want you to lift, it also provides access to spin-cycles, and hosts dedicated strength and conditioning classes for various focuses.

Most exercises concentrate on core strength and developing an overall balance of muscles throughout the whole body. Typically students will have a specifically timed and organised free-weight (kettle bells, dumb bells, weight plates, etc) circuit to follow, although the instructor is known to mix things up a little to keep the body guessing…he often takes full advantage of our two massive climbing ropes that drape from the ceiling and our hard-core steel monkey bars!

Also on offer is a focused Yoga schedule during the week, please refer to the timetable to see the class times for this, which is a great addition to support your Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or striking training!

Free Weights Area at Advance Martial Arts

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