Leonard Kent

Leonard (Lenny) Kent was born in Ipswich in 1976, the youngest of 4 kids. He was raised in a stable and loving home. Lenny grew up, like most other kids, actively playing sports including football, cricket and basketball.

At 26, Lenny discovered Kung Fu and BJJ. He attended 2 BJJ classes a week and up to 20 kung fu classes a week, and dedicated himself to the martial arts and the lifestyle it promotes.

At 27 he took his first MMA bout, which he won by TKO. This started a career in MMA and he competed in 10 fights overall. His pro MMA record is 7-3 including 2 state titles. Lenny also competed in 3 Muay Thai fights with a record of 3-0 including a state title.

In BJJ, Lenny earned a swag of local and state competition gold medals and 1 national gold medal.


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